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Born in Cincinnati, raised in Dayton, Ohio. I am a Die-Hard Bengals, Reds, and Cavs fan. I am a recent graduate of Kent State University and I have a degree in Sports Administration. I recently moved to Chi-City to attend graduate school to obtain my MBA and pursue a career in Sports Administration. During the summer of 2006 I was an equipment intern for the Bengals and worked mini-camps, training camp and the pre-season. I got to know the players and coaches and must say it was the best experience of my life. WHO_DEY EVERY_DAY!

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Voluntary Mini-Camps Underway posted on 05/13/2008
No new surprises for the first day of camp. TJ is still in Cali working out, Chad is sulking at home, and Odell is back in Georgia at his Grandma's Funeral. My prayers go out to his family. Secondly I was reading on that this might be the last chance for Chris Perry to prove himself. A former first round draft pick who has been injured numerous times, looks to be healthy and ready to contribute on the field. Imagine for a second if Rudi is stronger than ever, and Perry is faster than ever and then you still add a dose of Dede and Kenny in the mix. We could have the backs we need to control the game and win in Time of Possession every game! Im trying to stay optimistic and I hope we can prove to the media, fans and league, that we are ready to contend and make it back to the Pla

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Chad impact on Endorsements posted on 05/12/2008
Since Chad Johnson is threatening to sit-out the season, he is not only going to lose $3 Million of his salary, he is also at risk (no pun intended ie. degree deodorant) of losing his endorsements. With his erratic outbursts and threats of sitting out the season he is displaying to the organization, fans, and league that he is all about me, me, me! This display of selfishness has him at risk of killing his marketability. No Sponsors are going to want to use Chad as a spokesperson for their brand/products. Chad Johnson is a superior athlete, an extremely hard-worker, an outgoing individual with an amazing personality and until he realizes the truth and get his ass on the field, he is at risk of losing everything that made Chad Johnson the man he is today! 

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Mini-Camp Around the Corner posted on 05/12/2008
Mini-camp is around the corner and there are a lot of position battles that are going to take place in order to improve on both sides of the ball. With Odell Thurman back in the mix, Ahmad Brooks returning from injury and Keith Rivers the 'professional' rookie our linebacking corps looks to have improved dramatically on paper, but will it actually improve our terrible run defense. I think with our new D-Coordinator Mike Zimmer, he will give our defense the attitude and drive to succeed. He will use the base 4-3 defense but will also mix in the 3-4 in order to keep our opponents guessing. In the past we have have been one dimensional on but in order to improve this year our defense will need to learn how to fill all run gaps and learn to penetrate while keeping their lanes in order to keep

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